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Pre-Primary Classes

  • Learn to read, write and pronounce basic tamil alphabets.
  • Learn simple words
  • Learn formation of simple sentences
  • Moral stories and rhymes

Inclusive of special reading programme. Kids will be entitled borrow one tamil book from inbuilt library each month.

Primary Classes

Primary One and Two

  • Fundamental Language Training
  • Increase Vocabulary
  • Write Simple Paragraphs
  • Speak More Fluently

Primary Three and Four

  • Grammar Excercises
  • Comprehensive Drill Practice
  • Build Vocabulary For Composition
  • Composition Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Proper Explanations For Proverbs
  • Oral Practice

Primary Five and Six

  • Through Grammar Practise
  • Revision Of Vocabulary
  • Intensive Comprehen Practise
  • List Of Beautiful Phrases and Proverbs
  • Oral Coaching
  • Creative Writing

Special oral coaching for higher Tamil Students

Secondary Classes

  • Revision Of Grammar
  • Proper Explanations For Proverbs
  • Composition Coaching
  • Model Compostion Will Be Provided
  • Intensive N Level Coaching
  • Intensive O Level Coaching