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Banu Kumaresan

Jai learning hub is doing a wonderful job as a Tamil teaching centre in Singapore. Our son Bharathi Priyan has attended K1 and K2 classess, but unfortunately we had to withdraw him for personal reasons, our kid really misses the Tamil classes. Efforts taken by certer management and teachers to simulate Tamil culture in the form of class room activities are greatly appreciated. In this centre, Tamil is taught by creating objects for children to capture the language well which is a good attempt and well appreciated. The center attempts to teach Tamil in a fun playful ways which is very much liked by children. I doubt if there is any other center in Ang mo Kio, it would be more convenient for tamil children in this neighborhood.

Ramesh Muthusamy

Jai learning Hub is fantastic Tamil language enrichment centre for three reasons.

  1. Highly dedicated Teachers who will go the extra mile for every child.
  2. A well thought out lesson plan which is highly experiential.
  3. As an organisation they look at your children as their own.

I am writing this because i believe you must give credit where credit is due. I pray for their continued success in their field.

Ps. My Son attends their drama and writing classes. He thoroughly enjoys them and looks forward to the classes.

Mal Prakash

Hi Ms Devi,
I'm Shivanii's mom here. Thanks a million for guiding Shivanii all the way through. You are such a wonderful teacher. The two days Oral Workshop and the two days Compo workshop has helped her so much. I love your notes and the way you teach. I've seen her improve gradually and am very happy that I made the right decision of putting both my girls under your loving guidance. Your care and wisdom goes a long way and we sincerely appreciate all the effort and time you are putting on the childrens' progress. May God always bless you for all your kindness and care.
Thank you so much!!!!

Sneha Srikanth

your class is very interesting and i have improved tremendously in Tamil :)tks for your support and encouragement

Jessica Shervia

thnk u ms devi for helping me in my tamil Onlevel exam!!! really did well...B3 distinction !..thnk u ms devi..

Chitralekha Shanthkumar

my kid has been studying in tamil tuition for quite few months and he has improved so much that i have to thank mrs devi for her great efforts in tutoring him so well in such a short time.... she has created her teaching methods in such a way it doesn't put pressure or too much stress on him.... i thank and sincerely appreciate her committed approach towards my kid

Pradeep Manimaran

I have been studying in Devi tamil tuition for four years . My teacher gives me a lot of worksheets and a lot of sample compositions for us to read and to collect ideas from those compos. I have been getting 75 over 90 for tamil paper 2 . After going that tuition i have been getting 85 over 90

Ravivarma Mahandran

I have been studying here for three years and it is a unforgettable tuition.to join her Devi teacher have been improving my skills in tamil.i will confirm of encouraging people to join the tuition not of p6 because it is too late for them to study.i would prefer my cousin to join and from p3 to p5.thank you teacher devi

Ravin Dev

I have been studying in this tuition for three years now and have improved my Tamil tremendously! Currently, Tamil is one of my strongest subject. I really have to thank Mrs Devi for all her help and support she has given me over these years to bring my Tamil up!

Athiyah Azeem

I had joined this tuition around June in my in my last year in primary school. With such a limited time towards PSLE, Mrs. Devi, with her expertise, has brought up my grades and assisted me as much as she could to help me attain a good grade in Tamil. I owe it all to Mrs. Devi for all she has done to help me improve in my Tamil.

Gabrielle Shivani

Mrs devi's the best teacher in the whole universe.my grades have really improved after joining her class

Dashan Kana

I like my tuition very much I improved a lot

Sivaya Carlos

I like psle Tamil today workshop .its very interesting.I learn a lot.tks mrs Devi

Yumithra Rani

Devi's Tamil tution helped me a lot in my studies.I like this tution

Kaavya Ganeshan

Mrs devi is the best tamil tutor on EARTH! She has helped me to improve my tamil grades:)

Sukenya Rao

Going for Devi's tamil tuition has greatly improved my Tamil marks. It is fun too :D

Levisha Sasikumar

i lyk devi tuition i improve alot ...its also fun....i learnt how to speak tamil more fluenty...